PhD student - Douglas-Manasi - Kenya

PhD | University of Nairobi

2022 – 2025

Research Project

Probing the Origin of Underluminous Radio Relics.


Dr. Geoffrey O. Okeng’o – University of Nairobi

Radio Relics are vast highly polarized and peculiarly shaped synchrotron emissions
found at the outskirts of merging galaxy clusters. The Diffusion Shock Acceleration model predicts that radio relics are formed from accelerated thermal pool cosmic rays. In some relics, the DSA is unable to explain the acceleration efficiency indicating that they require a boost. However, recent research has discovered radio relics with lesser brightness. Not is clear on whether they are Underluminous because of their steep spectra or they lack the boost. This drives the quest to study the underluminous radio relics to uncover how they are generated.

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