PhD student - Francis-Omondi - Kenya

PhD | University of Nairobi

2023 – 2026

Research Project

Spatial analysis of Radio Frequency Interference for site suitability and science characterisation of radio astronomy observatories in Kenya.


Dr. Geoffrey O. Okeng’o – University of Nairobi

This research is an expansion of my research in radio astronomy titled Using GIS for Site Suitability Analysis for Siting a Radio Telescope in Kenya. Building upon previous GIS research, my focus will extend to assessing Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) levels at identified sites. Additionally, I intend to conduct science characterization studies for each suitable site, evaluating factors such as atmospheric conditions, terrain features, and radio frequency emissions. This comprehensive approach will enhance our understanding of potential sites for radio telescopes and contribute valuable insights to the field of radio astronomy in Kenya.

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